The CIOFF Executive Committee (ExeCom) was created through Board Resolution No. 2014-04 during the Regular Board Meeting on February 15, 2014 held at the Richmonde Hotel, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.  The Executive Committee was initially composed of the following: President Clarito L. Magsino, Auditor Bernardita DP. Gerez and Trustee Cynthia A. Topacio.

The Executive Committee shall have the following specific tasks:

  1. To recommend for approval by the Board of Trustees the Foundation’s short, medium and long-term strategies with particular reference to the financial resources required to achieve the mission and strategic goals of the Foundation;
  2. To recommend to the Board of Trustees the Foundation’s annual revenue and capital budgets;
  3. To oversee the implementation of the approved plans, activities and budgets including the monitoring and evaluation of the same;
  4. To serve as the point of reference and advice about the overall day-to-day business of the Foundation whilst maintaining the appropriate balance between implementation of the policies and the responsibilities of the Board of Trustees;
  5. To periodically review the performance of the Foundation and oversee the implementation of mechanisms required to measure performance.
  6. To report to the Board of Trustees during the Regular Board Meetings on the work it has undertaken and the progress of the approved programs and activities; and
  7. To consider and determine such other matters as may be delegated or referred to it by the Board of Trustees.

Current members of the Executive Committee are:  

President Cynthia A. Topacio

Bernardita DP. Gerez

Trustee Daniel F. Pabellon