2023 NICT Summit

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Theme: “Building a Culture for Sustaining the Government’s Digital Transformation”

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Facing the challenge of the administration of President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr., the CIOF-CIOFF and its partners and cooperating organizations particularly the DICT will hold the NICT Summit 2023 on August 22-23, 2023, focusing on the Digital Transformation (DX) Journey of the government.   This is cognizant of the strategic role of DX as a key driver in our economic growth as well as in achieving a citizen-centric government, as expressly pronounced by the President.

The DICT as the primary agency toward achieving a digitally transformed government will provide an update and broad strokes of the DX roadmap by specifying the vision, significant milestones, critical timelines, ICT resources and policy requirements, and significantly organizational culture changes,  as general course to guide agencies in pursuing their agency DX journey.

Government agencies implementing their DX journey will share their experiences, achievements and challenges, while industry partners will provide best practices, technology solutions, and recommendations. There will be opportunities for industry partners to showcase DX solutions, and also opportunities for consultation.

The government DX journey will be assessed regularly to determine if milestones are achieved, and timelines are observed.  This will ensure that the whole-of-government approach and results are achieved.  In this regard, a DX maturity measurement tool is necessary. The measurement tool will be presented and trial run will be undertaken.  Measuring the DX maturity of agencies on a regular basis will make them aware if the plans, targets and results are achieved and timelines are observed. Deviations will indicate that assistance is needed from the DICT and/or by appropriate organizations of government, and cooperating organizations.

An important segment of the Summit (second day) will be “The President’s Hour”, where H.E. President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. will be the Honored Guest and Speaker. During his presence the following will happen: (1) Launch of the CIO Council; and (2) Recognition of DX Pioneering Agencies.    

NICT Summit 2023 Program Agenda

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NICT 2023 Summit Program(Tentative)

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NICT 2023 Summit Brochure

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